Wednesday, February 8, 2012

RIP Gamesradar Forums

By pure chance today, I had the honor of watching my beloved forum be closed to the public, and in about 6 days, shut down. It's been a long journey, one where new people where met, topics where discussed and friends where made. From 07 till today, fun occurred in the form of purple/orange words on a white background. Some people will remember this era as the time where they met, the time where the talked on an outdated forum, where lives where affected and time was wasted. Even though the forum is dead, I hope the shenanigans aren't. I hope this continues as a community elsewhere, always as unique as always. Today Gamesradar, cheatplanet, dies, tomorrow, something else will be born. I hope to finish my internet life as I started it, with the people I met on GR. Why? Cause everywhere else is just impossible to actually have a conversation.

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